måndag 31 mars 2008

Ny president förändrar utrikespolitiken

The Economist har en mycket intressant bilaga i senaste numret om hur USAs utrikespolitik kan förändras med en ny president. Även huvudledaren handlar om detta.

"There are several ways in which the next president can indeed act fast to restore America's world standing. But the list is short. The mere fact of not being Bush will bring a dividend of goodwill. On top of this, he or she should send out an early message that on some issues the change of guard will mean a change of heart. An America that closed Guantánamo, imposed a clear ban on any sort of torture (by the CIA as well as the army) and shut the CIA's secret prisons could once again claim to lead the free world by example and not just by military power. A new president should also say more forthrightly than Mr Bush ever dared that America means to co-operate in the fight against global warming, and will consider joining the International Criminal Court. Mr Bush's cavalier rejection of the Kyoto protocol, and his hostility to the ICC, did much to antagonise the world even before the war in Iraq."

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